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How are my donations applied?

(Donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE)



1.  Product donations

Product donations are used for their specific purpose.  We welcome product donations at any time and are very grateful for them.


2. Monetary donations

Monetary donations cover a broad spectrum with the majority of it being veterinary costs. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: 



Spays and Neuters

Heartworm tests

Heartworm preventative (Monthly)

Flea and Tick preventative (Monthly)






Heartworm Treatment

Surgeries (not limited to)

    - General

    - Emergency

    - Orthopedic

    - Dental

Mange Treatment or other skin issues

Parvovirus Treatment

Ear Infections


Wound care

Veterinary Specialist

Any supplies not donated or paid for by our members or foster families.

    - Supplies include kennels, crates, blankets, towels, bowls, food risers, leashes, litter, dog houses, lumber, etc.

*If you have a specific animal or medical issue to which you'd like to apply your donation, simply let us know.*

Donations are received via product, gift cards, and monetary. We thank you in advance.

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Lottie with her donated toy on a donated bed.