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*Visit the National Canine Research Foundation for other IMPORTANT FACTS about dogs.



Why Spay or Neuter??

One of the most important responsibilities of owning a pet is making sure he or she is spayed or neutered. While some may try to argue its necessity, veterinarians encourage spaying and neutering not only for the benefit of stopping overpopulation (which is indeed critical), but it is recommended for the health and longevity of life for your pet as well. more...


What's the big deal about Heartworm Preventative?

Imagine YOUR heart looking like this. Imagine the pain. Imagine the worms moving around inside your heart...feeding off of your heart, living in your heart, and slowly killing your heart. This is what an animal goes through when they suffer from heartworm disease...and it doesn't include the horrendous and excruciating death. Heartworm disease is SERIOUS and DEADLY. more...


Fleas and Ticks

Flea and tick preventative, used for control and elimination of flea and tick eggs, larvae and adults,  is an important part of your petís daily care and good health. While they are pesky little critters that leave itchy little bites, they are also potentially dangerous to your pet.    more...


Veterinary Care and Your Veterinarian

When our pets get sick or injured it is important to receive proper veterinary care for both small problems and those life threatening. Animals suffer from the same diseases and injuries as humans, therefore requiring the same medical attention and then some. These medical treatments have to be performed by a qualified doctorÖa Veterinarian.    more...