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k9.5 Rescue is happy to provide educational meetings or seminars to groups who are interested in learning more about animal rescue, proper animal care, general shelter information, or basic animal information. We love talking to childen and visiting schools! Just contact us and let us know your event date and time, and we will be happy to work with you. Please allow advanced notice so that we can make sure we have the date and time available.



General assistance with your pet/Questions about animals

We understand that sometimes your pet may have behavioral or *health issues that you are confusing and difficult to understand. Perhaps there is a a dog that you are contemplating as a part of your family, or maybe you want to learn more about a specific breed. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have and assist you to the best of our ability. If there is something that we are unable to help you with, we will be glad to refer you to someone with more knowledge on the subject.

*NOTE: We are not veterinarians, nor can we diagnose or treat a health problem. We can only share our experiences with various medical issues and what has been beneficial or not to the animals in our care. If your pet is sick or suffering, take the animal to your veterinarian immediately to receive the proper diagnosis and care.*