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The Truth About Pit Bulls



Meet ISABELLA - an American Pit Bull Terrier. Notice she is smiling, not growling.

Izzy had an owner that kicked her and beat her. Her owner was hateful and unkind to Izzy, so a kind woman found help for her and got her to her forever home. Before her illness and passing, Izzy was a couch potato, along with her Pug sister, Pit mix sister, and Bulldog older brother. Izzy was LOVED...not kicked, beaten and starved. Izzy was a GOOD dog.




China was an extremely loving girl that was subject to a "head on collision with her brother." As a result China was paralyzed from the waist down. China was SO LOVING and so adored that people worked hard to find her a home and buy her a wheelchair through donations. China was happy, affectionate and never met an enemy. She loved life and always smiled. In 2012 she was the victim of cancer...many people mourned her loss. China was a top notch dog.

Why is it that people want to hurt these animals? Why is it that they want to watch them fight, bleed, suffer and die? What is it that makes them ENJOY this fighting? Why is it they WANT to make these sweet dogs mean? What KIND OF PERSON does it take to do such a thing? What kind of person teaches this hobby to his/her children? What kind of people do not stop this by enforcing the law?

Pit Bulls ARE NOT MEAN DOGS - the OWNERS are mean. It takes a mean person to want an animal to fight. It takes a mean person to let them die fighting. It takes a mean person to watch them tear flesh, organs and let blood flow. It takes a mean person to let them suffer. It takes a mean person to do THIS to an animal.


Yes...the PEOPLE are the ones making the Pits mean and giving them the reputation of "bad" dogs. The dogs ARE NOT at fault. They only do what their "parents" want them to do BECAUSE THEY LOVE THEIR PARENTS.

Daily, Pits are euthanized simply because they are a Pit Bull. A dog can come into a shelter FULL OF KISSES and wagging his/her tail, and it will be KILLED because it was born a Pit. They are not even given the chance to love someone or be loved...they're never put up for adoption. The kind souls that do put them up for adoption in other shelters have to screen to make sure the sweet, kissy-poo animal leaving will not be BAIT for another dog to fight and beat up or kill because a HUMAN thinks it's "cool."

Please do not stereotype this breed and it's nature. Please help the authorities stop the barbaric fights caused by BARBARIC PEOPLE. Get involved in learning how to stop the killing and the sick mentality that watching two or more animals kill something is fun. Help people help these wonderful dogs.

ALSO - get to know this breed. Find a pet pit bull and see how loving they truly are when they are not subject to cruelty. Ask those who have pit bulls as pets how much fun they are and how much love they give. Educate yourself so that you will not be afraid but instead wise. Get a kiss from a pit bull and a happy wag of the tail. Talk to a legitimate Pit Bull Rescue to learn about the steps you need to take to own a pit bull so that you can be a responsible owner of a wonderful dog.

Watch this video first to witness the horrible product of humans and how they treat these dogs...then think about how they carry it over into the rest of their lives. **Warning: contains graphic material.

Visit this site to read quotes from fighters, see the result of fighting, learn facts about fighting, & facts about pit bulls **Warning: contains graphic material.
Visit these sites to learn more:
PLEASE NOTE: Pit Bulls, as many breeds, are not for the novice pet owner and should be researched and studied prior to bringing one into the household. Please talk to quality rescues and learn all aspects of the breed prior to bringing one into your home.
Pit Bulls are loving dogs with huge hearts. Yes, there have been terrible attacks and yes there have been tragic fatalities. These dogs are the product of irresponsible breeders/owners who have tampered, hurt, and ruined a good breed...and this is happening in other breeds as well. 

If you want to fight to end violence caused by dogs the first thing to do is find the cause...and that cause is HUMANS. Take charge and put the people behind bars who commit these unacceptable cruelties. What does it say for our justice system when the punishment for pit bull fights/massacres is nothing more than "community service??" Why are they not charged for manslaughter or premeditated murder when one of their dogs injures or kills someone, the way a drunk driver, or even an adult who gave an underage kid alcohol is charged? Because the owners/backyard breeders are not regarded as a contributor, and the FEW times they're caught they are slapped on the hand and receive nothing more than a ticket and euthanized dog. These are the same people who are selling dogs on the side of the road for money, caring less about how the dog was bred or how it will be raised.

URGE YOUR LAWMAKERS TO PUNISH THE PEOPLE, NOT THE BREED!!! FACT: If you apply a harsher law toward these people and stop the barbaric act of over breeding, inbreeding and pit pull fights, you will cut out the attacks on humans. Now I ask difficult IS this? And WHO is to blame for the laws not existing or being strict enough?  Is it the breed?

Learn about Pit Bulls. Learn the truth and help this wonderful breed who have accomplished things like receiving awards, saving lives, caring for Helen Keller, and working in search and rescue. Be open to learning and becoming wiser...wiser than those who choose to not learn yet pretend they know.

Be not astonished at new ideas; for it is well known to you that a thing does not therefore cease to be true because it is not accepted by many.  *Spinoza








The truth about Pit Bulls is simply's not their fault. Here are some Pit Bull FACTS:

***Pit Bulls are good with kids and make wonderful family pets

***Pit Bulls are devoted and very loyal pets

***Pit Bulls are very, very happy dogs

***Pit Bulls are extremely affectionate

***Pit Bulls are very smart

***Pit Bulls ARE NOT at the top of the list for bites and attacks.

***Pit Bulls LOVE people