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Success Stories


These are "Before & After" stories of k9.5's more difficult cases. This is proof that if you provide love and commitment, anything is possible!

In addition to the animals below, we have treated multiple cases of heartworms, parvo, orthopedic issues and more.

Visit our Special Needs page to see other animals that have come through the doors of k9.5.



(Demodectic mange, secondary skin infection, ear infections, fever, worms, Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy )


(Demodectic mange, secondary skin infection, extremely thin)


(Skin infection, ear infections, extremely thin, nails entirely too long)


(Exceptionally thin, bilateral ear hematomas, heartworm positive, tickborne disease, eye tag)


(Emaciation, yeast, severe skin infection, worms, ear infections)


(Exceptionally thin, worms, lived on her own in the mountains, extreme fear of humans, poor coat)


(Very wormy, severe case of sarcoptic mange, very thin, Osteochondritis Dissecans of the shoulder joint)


(Very wormy, sarcoptic AND demodectic mange, very thin)