Taylor left today to go to her new home.  She behaved herself so well, and I was so incredibly proud of her.  Glenda, a good friend and fellow rescuer, transported her to the first stop.  She said she was prancing around for her potty break, showing everyone how beautiful she was, expecting them to notice.  I am so happy for her b/c she’s going to a pyr savvy gentleman and will have a pyr brother to play with throughout the day.  She is one of the prettiest little (big) girls with all of her fluff, and I know he’ll just love her.  She has a heart of gold and is true to the Great Pyrenees breed.  I’m very happy for her.  These times are always bittersweet b/c you are so glad they’re happy, but you can’t help but feel a part of you is gone.

I’ve had several placements with a few weeks, an uncommon event for me, and it’s been something to get used to, for sure.  I still have a great deal, my colony of black dogs mainly, and I look at them and hope I can find them the homes they deserve.  Rarely do I have an inquiry on any of them, and it’s heartbreaking.  They are indeed such good dogs, but nobody gets to see that on Petfinder.

I have a couple, but miss having more pyrs around, and Lord knows we have a ton in shelters that are slated to be euthanized, but I have to place some dogs before I take in anymore.  Whew, I’ve had a lot of dogs here!  😀  Pyrs are a breed that I’ll never live without, for they have a substance that is of kindness and royalty.  Not a breed for everyone, mind you, but I adore them.  Seems odd not having more here, but I know when I’m able I’ll (sadly) have a ton to bring into rescue.

At least I’ll never be alone, right? 🙂

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