Not to start off on a sour note, but…it’s been depressing. However, continue reading.

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All loving strays in poor condition, minus the Pyr who was an owner surrender (in poor condition) to a kill shelter. I’ll stop there and not list the other gazillion (not exaggerating) that need help. I don’t want to carry on about sad stories, although I have to say that in truth I want to scream from the Sears Tower because it eats me alive that we don’t have the extra room or funds to assist these guys and the many others that have landed in my Inbox. I mean the stories that inundate my mailbox and voicemail are emotionally debilitating.

With all due respect, I ask you not to say “You can’t help them all.” That’s not what this is about.

But again, I’ll stop there.  Instead, what I will discuss is the future.

I want to invite you to join us in our endeavors. Join us in knocking down walls like a hundred ton wrecking ball, jumping hurdles as if we’re as light and agile as a deer, and saving animals as if we were unbelievably magnificent warriors with no fear or hesitation. Unite with us to conquer milestones, gain strength and master growth. Come together to educate, rehabilitate and put joy in the lives of both animals and humans.

When you join a rescue’s efforts, not only do you save a dog that faced euthanasia or worse, but you brighten and enhance the lives of the individuals who foster and adopt. Every time a dog is placed into a dedicated, caring home the animal experiences a life they never knew existed. In turn, the adoptive family receives a unique love provided solely by the pet they adopted. Other friends and family are involved and before long that skinny, mangy, frightened dog that nobody wanted has touched many, many people’s hearts and added something positive to their existence.

Doesn’t it make you feel good to think that you could be a part of adding so much joy to so many lives?

“So how can I do this,” you ask?

Volunteer. Simply volunteer.

Volunteering includes:

  • Fostering: bringing the dog into your home and caring for it as your own pet (with assistance from the rescue) until it is adopted (Fostering…What is it exactly?).
  • Fundraising: assisting in efforts that will influence financial growth so that we can help more animals. There are several ways to raise funds, from small projects to large events – it’s virtually limitless. We need people who will chair fundraisers, assist in bringing the fundraiser together by collecting items needed, reach out to others for help, participate in the event as it is set up and while it takes place, and who are willing to get out and say “Hey! Buy some Tastefully Simple items!” or “Hey! Wouldn’t you love to sponsor this event and get your name in lights?” There’s even the “How about buying all these books at the yard sale for $….” Fundraising can be done virtually or by participating locally. The funds raised are applied toward feeding and taking care of the animals medically.
  • Event assistance: participate in events by sitting at our tables, holding dogs, talking to people about our organization, and spreading the word about the event.
  • Grant writing
  • Marketing: Getting the word out about what we do, the events taking place, and how people can help us is a huge part of stimulating the growth of the rescue.

These are the main areas where we need assistance, and they are much easier to accomplish than you think. If just one person does a little bit, something good is accomplished. If several people work together and each do small amounts then mountains can be moved…and we can have fun doing it.

Volunteers are gems. We cherish each person and value their hard work, and I don’t feel that I ever express enough to them how grateful I am for their efforts. They are what help keep the rescue afloat. Without question, know that if you ever feel the call to volunteer you will be appreciated by both the humans and animals in our rescue more than you could ever imagine.

So join us in making the difference that means so much to so many. Let’s grow together and watch good things happen. Let’s not only move that mountain but place a flag on the very top and scream out “CONQUERED!!!!” – drop us an email and let’s talk about what color flag we like best.

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